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After one course, you’ll know how to launch profitable Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns—while avoiding costly mistakes.

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Taught by Good Help, Co. Founder Jenny McCoy
Based on learnings from $20M+ in social ad spend for:

What you’ll learn

How to create a social media sales funnel
How to set and hit specific campaign goals
How to navigate Facebook and Instagram Ads Manager  to set up your campaigns (they don't make it easy, we know)
How social ad targeting works
How to build the best creative mix for your media objective
How to navigate Facebook and Instagram Ads Manager  to set up your campaigns (they don't make it easy, we know)
How to optimize and scale campaigns for long-term success
How to test small and learn big (with a media budget of <$500)
Access to all of our templates for media planning, campaign management and reporting

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Module 2: Social Ads, Simplified

Lesson 1 : Social Ad Strategy: Simplified

Module 3: What Drives a Profitable Social Ad Campaign?

Lesson 1: It’s All About Alignment

Lesson 2: The Simple Campaign Setup We Use to Drive Most Small Business Campaigns

Module 4: Campaign Goals: Let’s Get Real

Lesson 1: Think Business First, Not Social

Lesson 2: Social Doesn't Have to Be the Hero

Lesson 3: You Can Only Have One Goal Per Campaign

Module 5: Budget! Answering the (Way Less than a) Million Dollar Question

Lesson 1: Budgets Simplified

Lesson 2: Scaling Your Results

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Module 6: Social Platform Mix: How to Pick the Platforms That Are Best for Your Goal(s) and Your Audience(s)

Lesson 1: Understanding the Social Ad Landscape

Lesson 2: Picking the Right Platform Mix for Your Goal(s) and Your Audience(s)

Module 7: Social Ad Targeting: How to Build Audiences for Each Part of Your Funnel

Lesson 1: Social Targeting Simplified: Here are the 3 Audience Types You Need to Know/Understand

Lesson 2: Persona Targeting 101

Lesson 3: Custom Audiences 101

Lesson 4: Lookalike Audiences 101

Lesson 5: How Audiences Do/Don’t Work Together

Demo: Let’s Build an Audience in Ads Manager

Module 8: Social Ad Creative: What Matters, What Doesn’t + A Simplified Approach to Testing & Learning

Lesson 1: Social Ad Creative

Lesson 2: A Simplified Approach to Testing & Learning

Lesson 4: Finding Inspiration from Facebook’s Ad Library

Module 9: Campaign Performance Monitoring/Reporting

Lesson 1: Attribution: What Is It and What Do You Need to Know

Lesson 2: Key Performance Checkpoints

Lesson 3: Proxy Metrics: What Are They (+How Can They Help?)

Module 10: Campaign Optimizations: How They Work + Common Pitfalls

Lesson 1: Optimization: Everyone's Favorite Word

Module 11: Navigating Facebook’s Business Manager/Ads Manager

Lesson 1: Guided Tour of Facebook’s Business Manager

Lesson 2: Guided Tour of Facebook’s Ads Manager

Module 12: Test & Learn

Lesson 1: A Blueprint for a Test & Learn Campaign

Module 13: Keep Going! Free Online Resources to Keep Building Your Social Ad Strategy Knowledge

Lesson 1: More Resources!

Module 14: Templates!

Download: Social Ad Planning + Performance Tracking Templates

Finish in 2-hours
Lifetime access

The only course you & your team need to understand paid social strategy.

watch incomplete YouTube videos.
listen to podcasts on overly-complex funnels.
pay for long, expensive subscription courses.
waste ad spend winging it.

Who will benefit?

This course is built to empower you to understand paid social strategy and execution regardless of your current level of digital marketing expertise.


who want to understand how to build a digital sales funnel

Managers and Executives

who want to learn a new skill

Marketing Professionals

looking for a high-level understanding of paid social


who wants to understand how social ads work!
Finish in 2-hours
Lifetime access

Hi! I’m Jenny!

After more than a decade in digital strategy leadership roles for brands like IFC and MTV,  I founded my digital marketing consultancy, Good Help, Co. in 2017 where I've planned and managed +$20 million in social ad campaign spends.
I quickly realized that my clients didn't just want me to build their social advertising strategies, they wanted to learn the strategy themselves. Dozens of corporate training sessions and +500 webinar attendees later, I decided to make this material more accessible by creating this online course. The approach taught in this course has been tried and tested with big brands and small businesses alike — and it works!

Nice words from our students:

“Thank you so much for presenting such a comprehensive workshop - it's the best I've ever come across, and I've been trying to learn more about paid social for at least a couple of years (all of my experience is in organic social)."

- Alina H., Social Advertising 101 Webinar Attendee

“Jenny is an excellent and natural teacher. Even if you don't work directly in media strategy, it's still a great resource for being a better cross-functional partner to the media folks in your orbit."

- Krystal P., Social Advertising 101 Webinar Attendee

“Thank you, Jenny, for taking the time to put this together. I have been learning social ads for the past three months and you have put all the pieces together.”

- Emma, Social Advertising 101 Course Customer

Finish in 2-hours
Lifetime access


Which social media platforms are covered?

I teach paid social strategy through the lens of Facebook and Instagram, since these platforms are typically the primary focus of our clients' spends. The strategy principles you'll learn, though, are applicable to every social ad platform (LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter).

How is this course different than other courses online?

Many other courses skip straight to tactical instruction with a focus on launching campaigns quickly and diving into platform nuances. This course is focused on teaching the core strategy you need to know to build profitable campaigns on any platform, first.

What else is included in this course and what format is it taught in?

The course is video and audio recorded over slides. There are clear visuals, straight forward bullet points (no jargon) and step-by-step walkthroughs on everything from strategy to Ads Manager. You also get all of the custom planning templates I've built for my clients, including:

  • Social Advertising Media Plan (for creating a high-level strategy)

  • Test & Learn Paid Social Campaign Blueprint (you'll launch your first campaign with this)

  • Ad Creative Assets Planning Template (for organizing all ads needed for a campaign)

  • Live Campaign Tracker Template (makes monitoring performance and campaign pacing easy)

How do we beat iOS and algorithm changes?

Building your first party data is now more important than ever. For many of our clients, growing email lists through social ads is a primary or secondary goal of our media spend. Email has long been one of the most valuable marketing channels and even prior to iOS updates, we have typically included email list growth as a key component of our e-commerce and B2B clients' funnels.

How much budget do I need for a thorough test?

We recommend a minimum of $500 in media with a focus on upper/mid-funnel objectives. With this media spend, we can test multiple audiences, platforms, placements and creative — giving you a solid performance blueprint you can use to evaluate paid social's role in your funnel and build out a higher budget campaign.

I have more questions. How can I get in touch?

Email me at jenny@goodhelp.co!

Finish in 2-hours
Lifetime access